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OG Finance is committed to supporting businesses and organisations as they pursue their technology and digitisation projects and programs. 

Free Consultation

OG Finance offers a free consultation to all potential clients. This consultation allows clients to discuss their financial needs and goals with OG Finance’s team of experts, who can provide tailored advice and guidance on the best financial solutions for their specific requirements.


Your specialist partner in financing technology

At OG Finance, our mission is to provide innovative financial lending solutions for technology-based solutions and projects. We strive to help businesses to bring their technology requirements to life.


Specalised Lending

OG Finance specialises in providing financial lending solutions exclusively for technology-based solutions and projects, which sets them apart from other lenders.


Industry Expertise

OG Finance has extensive knowledge and expertise in the technology industry, which enables them to understand the unique challenges and opportunities facing their clients. This expertise allows OG Finance to provide relevant and practical advice to their clients.

About Us

How we help Businesses

Experience Next Level Lending with OG Finance


Software & Services Financing

  • Strong bank backing
  • SaaS & On Premise
  • Cover 100% software only
  • Bespoke payment capability
  • Hardware, Services add on
  • Variable Terms 6 –60 months
  • Fast, easy approval

Hardware Lease & Rental

  • OPEX & CAPEX Solutions
  • Market leading rates
  • Hardware based transactions
  • Variable terms 12 –60 months
  • Fast, easy approval

Recurring Revenue Funding

  • OG Finance Recurring Revenue Funding is a unique financial product.
  • MSPs and SaaS vendors often face scaling challenges due to upfront IT equipment procurement.
  • These challenges are exacerbated by the need to service and collect revenue from end customers on a monthly basis.
  • The shift to monthly billing for end customers can lead to financial constraints for MSPs/SaaS providers.

Extended Payment Terms

  • Unique product
  • Extend terms from 30 to 180 days
  • Supplier paid 100% of invoice value on due date
  • Easily accessed, no application or invoice draw down fees
  • Once established can be reused

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